Perfect cleaning without chemicals

for the environment and your health, against mites and allergies, etc.

Use without cleaning cloth

desinfection of surfaces, freezer, tap, restroom utilities (WC, toilts), joints and edges of tiles, bath and shower, pergola, fireplace, grill, cheminee, tiled stove, radiator, balcony railing, kitchen hoods, oven and baking sheets, stubborn stain removal, ornamental plants cleaning (with spacing 20 - 30 cm), earthenware and email, hobby areas, such as bicycle, motorcycle, car rims, etc.

Use with cleaning cloth (microfibre, terry cloth)

daily cleaning, tail floor and walls, tiles, window and -frame, conservatory, winter garden, mirrors, marble (no vinegar added!), washable wallpaper (with less steam), resin panels, upholstered furniture, mattresses and similar, curtains, dresses, macrame, kitchen cupboards, plastic laminated, formica, mosquito net, boots and shoes (including suede), garden tables and chairs, sun and venetian blinds, sunshades, shutter, car convertible top, car interiors, boats, caravan, motor homes and many other applications...

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